A new way to tell your story with friends

With a focus on collaborative story telling, Pink Zulu was created to house the story you create on your journey through life.

Pink Zulu Screenshot Pink Zulu Screenshot

A focus on visual story telling

While Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social media networks allow you to share your moments, they are focused on one-off content creation. Pink Zulu’s main focus is to bring more content and context to one story while allowing the user full control of their personal story.

Pink Zulu Remix

Upload and edit photos anywhere using any camera

Because you’re not always connected to wifi or your cellular network, there is custom interface for transferring photos wirelessly when used in conjuction with a FlashAir card. We built an interface for managing your photos both online and in-app called Cloud Wallet.

Pink Zulu Web on Devices

UX is key

Wireframing from an early stage is important to make sure the user experience is strong from the get-go. From an early stage, we sketch and discuss the best way for a user to move through the app. It takes teamwork and a strong understanding of the product to create the right UX for the project.